Why was my account blocked from EZSell ?

Our system may have blocked your account for a variety of reasons, including :
· Posting items that are on the prohibited items list
· Not following the Rules of Use that are outlined in our Terms & Conditions
If you believe you have been mistakenly blocked, please contact us through the prompts that appear in the app so we can review your account and take appropriate action.

How to change your password?

Follow these steps to change your password:

· Go to your profile at the right bottom of your screen.
· Tap the Settings icon.
· Tap “ Change Password”
· Enter your current password and new password to save your changes.

How Can I Keep My Account Safe ?

  • Never give out your personal financial (payment) information. All transactions must be done through the app. We do not support or protect transactions where payment is transmitted outside of the app.
  • Keep a routine check on your financial statements for questionable activity.
  • Don’t share your personal contact information, such as phone number or email address with anyone. We can’t cover interactions outside of the app.
  • Keep changing your passwords frequently. Passwords that are phrases and include numbers or special characters are the strongest. Do not use the same password.
  • Never share your EZSell account details or password with anyone.